Damascus warns Israel of 'more surprises' in Syria

Iran leader and Donald Trump

Are Israel and Iran at war? The organization fought in the Syrian Civil War and lost more than 2,000 members to this date.

Nonetheless, Russia appears to be the sole country capable of playing the role of mediator, as Moscow has warm ties with both Iran and Israel.

Israel says Saturday's incident began when an Iranian drone entered its airspace. According to Reuters of February 10, quoting a former commander of Israel's air force, this was the first time an Israeli F-16 had been shot down since the 1980s. In 2011, a Sentinel was captured relatively intact by the Iranians after it went down in their territory. Israel's defense system alarms in northern Israel were supposedly triggered after a reconnaissance drone encroached on Israeli airspace, leading the Israeli air force to attack. The armed forces are getting bold enough to challenge aerial violations by their opponents, no matter how powerful they are. And I think the further you are from there, the easier it is to dismiss this as some sort of, you know, Washington, D.C., chicanery or something. As stated in the above, Israel has repeatedly conducted air strikes to thaw Iran's attempts to transfer weapons to Hezbollah. The Israelis, on the other side, had amidst all the chaos relied on non-intervention, but now they see themselves confronted with a new situation in which they are strategically inferior. For Israel, this means a future in which not only Hamas and Hezbollah but Iran breathes down its neck. Through its actions, Israel indicated that provocative Iranian steps infringing on Israeli red lines and threatening its national security place the Assad regime at risk.

Saturday evening, Netanyahu had a "very serious and tense" conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to Al-Monitor columnist Ben Caspit, in which he restated "the message that Israel has been trying to get through to the Russians for quite a while now ... that Iran has gone from being an asset operating on behalf of Russian interests into a burden ..."

In May 2014, Iran said it had built a copy of the drone after reverse engineering most of its technology, citing the Tasnim News Agency.

Meanwhile, Iran said they were ready to open the "gates of hell" should war come between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

Over the weekend, tensions in the Middle East's "Powder Keg" were ignited by Iranian operatives working out of Syria in order to draw Israeli's retaliation, which in turn brought on a slew of support for the Jewish State.

And while Israel as a policy tries to stay out of the Syrian civil war, it has bombed weapons shipments between Syria and Hezbollah. The failure of the Obama administration to follow up on its warning to the Assad regime over the use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs against the civilian population, has weakened the US position in the region. One of the pilots was severely wounded and the other suffered light injuries.

But Iran's drone suggests that it's getting more assertive.

Rex Tillerson
GETTYSpeaking in Jordan today the US Secretary of State said Iran and Iran-backed forces should withdraw

In the past week, the USA military opened a new bombing attack on forces loyal to the government in Damascus and the Israeli Air Force targeted what it called "Iranian bases" in Syria with a massive attack.

Can Israel count on the backing of the United States in a direct confrontation with Iran in Syria? Using those bases, either Iran or Hezbollah could attack Israel, opening up another front in their conflict.

Israel would not hesitate to act against the Bashar Assad regime should Assad allow Iran a military base from which to attack Israel from Syria, an Israeli security official said. "A broader war could be one miscalculation away". These assaults raise the possibility of another chapter to the U.S. -NATO-Israeli aggression against Syria, which has been going on for almost seven years. "This morning Iran brazenly violated Israel's sovereignty".

While the WaPo only took a few hours to update its story to correct the inaccurate claim that the Iranian drone was downed over Syrian territory, the SMH failed to follow suit. "If [Israel] is to be a major player - and not just a spoiler - it has to consider striking diplomatic, economic and political alliances throughout the region".

"Time for Western world to recognize Iran for the regional menace that it is, and Europe must sharply change course - toward Iran's regional aggression and its nuclear aspirations", she tweeted Saturday. "Continuing to appease this regime will drag the region to war".

En route to Rome on Sunday for an anti-ISIS conference, Mattis said the USA had no involvement in the operation "on a military basis".

Nevertheless, Israel immediately received support from the White House for its "right to defend itself". -Gen. Ronen Manelis, said in a special statement.

The newspaper concluded that the stability that prevailed in the region after the telephone conversation between Putin and Netanyahu has revealed again the real decision maker in the Middle East. Its help was crucial to tilt the balance of war in favor of Damascus despite massive opposition by regional powers backed by the U.S. "Tillerson's stops include Amman, Ankara, Cairo, Kuwait City, and Beirut, but not Jerusalem".

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