Microsoft No Longer Plans to Bring VR to the Xbox One

Looks like VR will never come to the Xbox One X, and Microsoft explains why

Given Microsoft's work on Mixed Reality (MR) in Windows 10, and the abiity to use the firm's Xbox controllers with the Oculus Rift, it was thought that VR support would surely wing its way over to the Xbox One X at least. Unfortunately, it seems that this is where virtual reality will stay as the company has dialled back its efforts to bring the technology to Xbox consoles.

However, when the Xbox One X was revealed in 2017, there was no mention of virtual reality at the presentation.

As it turns out, Microsoft has nixed any virtual reality plans for Xbox One. Microsoft has not really given any reason for the change of heart, but it has not given up completely on VR or MR.

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Now years later, Microsoft has slowed its pace. If that's indeed the case, then Microsoft's decision to add all future Microsoft Studios titles to Games Pass on launch day was a very good one: it makes the service more valuable for subscribers, and it's also a good thing for game developers who probably care more about active users than unit sales. As an open platform, it just allows faster, more rapid iteration. If there were something in the works, VR-capability would've been one of the selling points of the Xbox One X either E3 last year or this year. "As it relates to Xbox, no".

Instead of headsets, Nichols said, Microsoft is focusing on "experiences you would play on your TV" with its Xbox. Are you disappointed that the current generation of Xbox consoles are no longer getting VR or do you approve of Microsoft's shift in priorities?



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