Lunar eclipse to take place in July - ANAS

ESA Advocates For “In-Situ Resource Utilization” For Lunar Exploration And Colonization Missions

The total eclipse will be visible from South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Mathematically, the longest an eclipse could ever last is one hour 47 minutes, and the longest eclipse of the 20th Century (1901-2000) happened on July 16, 2000. The moon loses the brightness normally caused by the reflection of the sun's light and takes on an eerie, reddish glow, giving the lunar eclipse moon the nickname of blood moon.

At 22:30 on July 27, the Moon completely enters the Earth's shadow and will turn a crimson color.

On 27 July 2018 the centre of the lunar disk will swing a tiny bit north of the shadow's centre, making the duration of this eclipse a few minutes shorter than the maximum duration possible, which is one hour and 47 minutes.

Only those in the Eastern Hemisphere will be able to view the upcoming event, with people in Europe, Africa and Asia getting the best seats for the lunar show.

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Pagasa said lunar eclipses are safe to watch; observers need not use any kind of protective filters for the eyes. The umbra is the darkest part of Earth's shadow.

Director, Research and Academic, MP Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, MP Birla Planetarium, Debiprosad Duari said in a statement, "Viewers in India are lucky since the eclipse, both partial and the total, will be entirely visible from all parts of the country".

Meanwhile, there is a twist: the expected astronomical event has reignited the blood moon prophecy.

Coincidentally, Planet Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth in 15 years on the same night.

Earlier this year, a lunar eclipse occurred in January at the same time as a super moon, which takes place when a full moon is at its closet orbital point to Earth, appearing brighter and larger than usual.



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