Oldest Ever Galaxies Discovered Outside Milky Way

Mind blown: Oldest galaxies in the universe discovered

The co-author of the study, which was published in Astrophysical Journal, Carlos Frenk from the Durham University said, "Finding some of the very first galaxies that formed in our universe orbiting in the Milky Way's own backyard is the astronomical equivalent of finding the remains of the first humans that inhabited the Earth". With the passing of time, stars were born from the gas that cooled within the clouds, eventually forming the oldest galaxies in the history of our universe.

According to the sources, the findings were corroborated by a galaxy formation model that the team had previously developed and which showed the new data fit perfectly with the astronomers' predictions. Consist of galaxies that formed during "cosmic dark ages". and 2.

"A decade ago, the faintest galaxies in the vicinity of the Milky Way would have gone under the radar".

That cooling phase, known as the "cosmic dark ages", lasted about 100 million years, at which point the halo gas became unstable and formed stars-the first ever galaxies.

These faint objects close to the Milky Way could be more than 13 billion years old, researchers from the universities of Durham and Harvard explain. Clouds of red-hot Stardust is gradually cooled and formed a halo around the dark matter emerged after the Big Bang. Our own Milky Way galaxy is estimated to be over 13.51 billion years old (give or take millions of years) while the Universe itself is thought to be around 13.8 billion years old. "It is hugely exciting". The image has been generated from simulations from the Auriga project carried out by researchers at the Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University, UK, the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany, and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Germany.' Credit: Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University, UK/ Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany / Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Germany.

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The first population is extremely faint and includes the very first galaxies that were created. There were two populations of satellite galaxies orbiting the Milky Way, the scientists say.

With this in mind, the team can continue cherishing their study and working on discovering new galaxies that could hide the answers about the universe formation, and unveil various secrets that we are still not aware of.

Eventually, the halos of dark matter became so large that even ionized gas was able to cool. Galaxy formation resumed, concluding in the formation of spectacular bright galaxies like our own Milky Way.

"If you go and examine these primitive galaxies, you should find weird things about them. They were formed at a time when the Universe was much denser, because the Universe was smaller".

While hydrogen and helium were made in the Big Bang, the other, the heavier chemical elements we're made of were produced inside stars. When stars go supernova, they pollute the galactic environment with their chemical constituents. In fact, these satellite galaxies are so ancient they were among the very first to spark into existence when the universe was still in its infancy, explains the Harvard-Smithsonian CfA.



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