Nasa shares picture of a 'flying saucer that crash-landed from space'

GenesisImpact nasa 960

Unfortunately for those who read a little bit further, the photo did not show a craft once piloted by little green men, but the remains of the space agency's Genesis mission which crash landed in 2004.

It turns out that sensational frame shows the capsule of the spacecraft "Genesis", which was launched on 8 August 2001 to study the Sun.

"Flying saucer" photo released by NASA as it revisits old project's demise NASA has reiterated its confirmation that a flying saucer crash-landed in the Utah desert in 2004 after being tracked on radar and pursued by multiple helicopters, but alas, it's not what ufologists might think.

Genesis was launched in 2001 to study the sun and collect samples of solar wind particles.

'The unexpectedly hard landing at over 300 kilometres per hour occurred because the parachutes did not open as planned'.

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'Despite the crash landing, many return samples remained in good enough condition to analyse.

Genesis's discoveries have given NASA new details about the composition of the sun and how the abundance of types of elements differ across our solar system.

The space agency says these results preserved from the Genesis have helped provide new details behind how the sun and the planets of our solar system originally formed.

Full view of the Genesis Spacecraft within the faring of a Delta rocket used to launch it into outer space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on August 8, 2001.

"The sun houses more than 99 percent of the material now in our Solar System, so it's a good idea to get to know it better", Genesis principal investigator Don Burnett from California Institute of Technology said in 2011. What came crashing down to Earth was Genesis's sample return capsule.



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