10 essential Dragon Quest Builders 2 tips to know before you play

Dragon Quest Builders 2 reviews round up – all the scores

Sandbox games are unbelievable.

Dragon Quest and Minecraft-it's a mix that, frankly, shouldn't make sense. At the start, this annoyed me but, as I progressed, it was these same characters that kept me playing.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 actually places a bit more emphasis on the story as expected. As it turns out, a world run by baddies isn't all that bad.

The first Dragon Quest Builders initially gave the impression that it was a Minecraft clone or another spin on the Sandbox Open World genre. Enter Dragon Quest Builders 2, a sequel that takes the first game and streamlines many of its ideas and fixes many of its issues.

My biggest issue with the combat is pretty much the same as Rob Steinmen's was in the first Builders, in that it feels so mindless, it's forced upon you so many times, and you still have to stand right next to the enemy to hit them, meaning you're nearly always in harm's way. Both games keep not only the blocky world-style but also the revolutionary building mechanics, which were first created in the original Minecraft. The residents also bring back all of the materials and recipes you gathered from the story islands they hail from, but some things, along with even more brand-new recipes, need to be unlocked by spending affection points, which you get by building new things or completing requests for your villagers. There is no dialogue. It features a simple, contemplative soundtrack. Naturally, that indicates that you shouldn't let anyone below that age play it just in case there are parts of it that aren't suitable. All the times I have binged Minecraft was with other people, in multiplayer mode.

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Something to sleep on, such as Straw Bedding, is an essential item to take with you when you go off exploring in Dragon Quest Builders 2. The story and game-play are so much intriguing that ultimately assures you to have much fun doing a heck of stuff. Here are some of the best tips for newcomers to DQ Builders 2. Depending on the interests of each character, the other townspeople will take care of different chores like watering, tilling the soil, or guarding crops from monsters. But, if you do read while you play, you'll be treated to a amusing, heartwarming and silly story. After finding yourself shipwrecked on the Isle of Awakening, you meet two new friends, Lulu and a mysterious amnesiac called Malroth, who will help you on your adventure. He is very reactive to the environment and will initiate battles, mine, and collect resources on his own. And while you can't build things like monsters or creatures you find on your travels, you can still keep a log of everything you interact with, much like in other Dragon Quest games.

I found this NPC companionship made the game a great single-player experience for me.

Apparently, a massive chunk of the audience would like to see a potential Dragon Quest IX remake come out on the Switch, although at this point nothing has been decided.

There are a few mandatory projects, but, overall, you have free reign to do and build what you want. Each townsperson takes care of their own role and maintains the settlement. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an excellent choice if you enjoy a focused building experience and there's no need to know the lore of the franchise to enjoy it.



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