Ross Perot's life in pictures

Ross Perot

"Describe my father?" Ross Perot Jr., his only son and CEO of the Perot Group told the Dallas News.

"Mr. Perot has obviously changed my life, he has changed Texarkana College's life, he has changed this community's life and future".

Although he had never held public office, by the early 1990s, Perot, sensing an opportunity for an outsider campaign with an anti-Washington message, was openly talking about a presidential run.

After Perot got out of the Navy in 1956, he became a salesman for IBM where he quickly became a top employee.

The pioneer of the computer services industry, who founded Electronic Data Systems 1962 and Perot Systems Corp.

On Tuesday, one commentator called Perot "a stick of dynamite in the pond of United States politics".

Perot's second campaign four years later was far less successful. He ran a series of 30-minute infomercials in which he displayed a folksy eccentricity.

We invite you to share condolences for Ross Perot in our Guest Book. The third-party candidate instead concentrated on themes of trade, the budget deficit and corruption, appealing to layers of the middle class and to workers anxious over the loss of good-paying jobs.

Perot's family says he was an avid Trump supporter and wanted the Trump agenda to move forward. Here he is on CBS's Face the Nation. And they don't like it, and they shouldn't.

He got almost 19 percent of the vote as an independent running on a campaign against NAFTA - which both Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush supported.

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"He was one of the first third-party candidates to garner any meaningful support in the modern era", said UW-Madison Journalism Professor Mike Wagner.

PEROT: Pay a dollar an hour for your labor.

He memorably warned of a "giant sucking sound" of U.S. jobs moving to Mexico, striking populist themes that would resurface later in the conservative Tea Party Movement and Donald Trump's 2016 White House campaign.

Favorability climbed to 52 percent within three months, at which time Perot dropped out of the race.

Although many blame Perot for costing George H.W. Bush that election, George W. Bush released a statement of condolences to his fellow Texan's family.

Though the precise addresses are not publicly known, Perot's vacation homes were located in a wealthy enclave in Tucker's Town, where his neighbors included former New York City mayor and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg, as the New York Times reported.

Many voters said they had come to perceive Perot as overbearing, volatile, paranoid and egotistical - even if they had liked his ideas.

He got just eight per cent of the vote, and the Reform Party that he founded and hoped to build into a national political force began to fall apart. But this time, his candidacy failed to catch fire.

After the 1996 campaign, Perot retreated from direct participation in capitalist politics.



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